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Self Care Lifestyle is a wellness business that coaches’ women to invest in their self care to become a source of self awareness, love and worth & value through tracker, academy, newsletters and toolkits of the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Self Care Lifestyle Academy 

Self Care Lifestyle Academy is a essential series of self care workshops for women to strengthen their wellbeing with time, tools and tips for their mind, body, soul & spirit. 

  • Starters Self Care Workshop: The goal of this workshop is to educate and identify five ways to invest in self care!

  • Mindfulness Self Care Workshop: The goal of this workshop is to learn five ways to invest in your mental health! 

  • B.O.D.Y Self Care Workshop: Beautiful, Opportunity to. Do. Y.ou; The goal of this workshop is to learn how to take care of your body in four ways!

  • Soothing Your Soul Self Care Workshop: The goal of this workshop is to learn how to see your self love as an asset in four ways!

  • Spiritual Warfare Self Care Workshop: The goal of this workshop is to practice faith in four ways to honor self, God and community!

Self Care Lifestyle Academy can be offered virtually or in person upon agreement. Please email HERE for interest.


Self Care Lifestyle Tracker

Self Care Lifestyle Tracker on Substack serves as a mirror to introspect, nurturing self-care in the present to unveil your past, guide your present, and shape your envisioned future. Subscribe HERE


Self Care Lifestyle Shop

Exclusive and customized coaching toolkit, guidance and resources to guide you in self reflection to curate your personal Self Care Lifestyle. Start HERE



Follow @selfcarelifestyle + @selfcarewithdedra on Instagram platform and TikTok @selfcarewithdedra and subscribe to my self care newsletter to embed self care in your lifestyle. Watch the lives, videos and engage in the series to start learning how to invest in your self care daily.




In the academy I learned a plethora of things Reviving important things in my life I have to be my own advocate + acknowledging the importance of self-care and creating a routine that I can implement consistently Self-care includes physical activity in addition to mental and emotional health Self love includes standing on my boundaries Self-care includes my spiritual life. When I’m resting/being still, I can receive God's direction because I’m in alignment with myself and the holy spirit


In the academy I learned how important movement is, how rest is vital for better mental health along with increased concentration + memory, how to developed a healthier immune system, reduced my stress and improved my moods


In the academy I learned tools I can use to pay attention to me. I realized that I need to make a choice to let go of control and give it to God + make myself a priority. I’m implementing how to release, reset and relearn my body + setting and standing on my boundaries to protect myself


I realized that I’ve allowed my experiences to block my view of me and I may have lost myself in them. I will make the time to re-discover myself, my values, my characteristics, my standards, because I can’t say that I really know at this moment, unfortunately. But Baby when I remember who I am, I know my light will shine so bright! Thank you for this, and for your energy, examples, transparency and this platform!

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Please email HERE for interest of services !

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