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You are the Valentine

Love is a commitment that is a choice You are the Valentineto keep doing, believing and sacrificing again and again; that agape love


Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers and friends; Usher, Jon and Luda had to do it again. That again word hit differently for me because when it comes to love it’s a restart, ongoing or everlasting process to progress. I realize that love is a commitment that is a choice to keep doing, believing and sacrificing again and again; that agape love. At first I thought love was a feeling; That feeling of butterflies, appreciation, satisfaction, excitement, new and so on. I realize through experiences that love isn’t just a satisfaction of emotions. I noticed my emotions, feelings and thoughts change on dependency. My dependency used to solely be on validation. Validation of truth, worthiness, values, flaws, mistakes and trauma bonds. It was like if you could relate or feel what I went or currently experienced then you understood me. Being understood meant that someone chose to understand me. The naked truth I had to realize is that in order to love, I had to understand it. I had to unpack what that looks like mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I had to experience it with myself in order to give it. I used to be so fearful of love because I was taught it was solely dependent upon what you did for others, but nothing for yourself and for me that wasn’t satisfying. I felt like I was always missing something and that something was the lack of self awareness. A Valentine is literally a card sent to a person who one’s love and attracted to. I had to send that card to myself. In that card I had to get to know me, I had to understand self love. We’re our Valentine when we choose to get to know ourselves in God, so we can immaculate that love to self than others. Getting to know you is the greatest love of all because it’s a choice to live in truth. Get your Self Care Lifestyle Box ‘Fight For Me’ to begin unpacking what love is to you. I promise you it’s worth a journey that strengthens your self awareness, self love and self worth and value. Be your Valentine ♥️

Cadedra Burks

Personal Evaluation Sunday Blog

You’re the Valentine


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