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You are the ART

Trust the blooming of your creative art


Creativeness flows from the opportunity to live in truth, trust what is, learn what tools to serve you and be free with time. Nature has taught us the beauty in seasons and the art it create when it’s transitioning

My garden is blooming because I’m allowing my art to be art. I really had to learned and experienced that 

  • Art is rooted in patience

  • Patience is rooted in the radical acceptance of the now

  • Acceptance is rooted in humility of ignorance

  • Humility is rooted in the vulnerability of faith 

You don’t always have to be ridged with the process but be willing to be made anew 

That requires you forgive, let go, have the tough conversation, address the turmoil feelings and know that what’s to come is for go(o)d 

We’re like seasons and I’m learning to embrace as it is 

That’s were true liberation of self awareness, self love and self worth and value resides

Trust the blooming of your creative art 

Cadedra Burks 

You are the ART 

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