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Worthy of Help

God is telling me to trust the process, I didn’t bloom for no reason. Allow others to support me in my garden. I’m worthy of that.


Hmm lately I feel like my mood has been like a whirl pool. Up and down and round and round. It's crazy because I've been trying to get to the root of it, adapt to it or try to change, but I couldn’t figure out what was ‘it’ until yesterday. I was preparing for my March Self Care Lifestyle Box ‘Spring into Worth’ and I created all the materials, details, design, vision and so forth. I wanted this box to really be the reflection of my coaching skills. Although I had skills for the box, I kept running into some issues when printing. I knew the vision, but getting it to come fully alive was a struggle I couldn’t do alone. This year has really painted a clear picture about my finances and how I really just have enough to live and that’s it. So every time I think of doing something I second guess it because I know I can’t afford it, but at times I take the risk. And usually I trust that God will help me figure it out, but I still lean on my own understanding. So yesterday since I didn’t know what color mesh with the design I created in canva it was a trial and error with printing on color paper & sizes. After hours of trying and being low on color ink and not having certain printing capability I decided let me seek help. I was hesitant to seek help because number one I couldn’t afford it, number two I didn’t know if I could trust her with bringing my vision to life. But I wanted to try because I needed help. So I went to staples and the lady took her time to hear my vision, give examples of my vision and do the things I didn’t have the capability of doing with the limited access that I had. I started to become indecisive because of the cost, so she gave me options on what I could work with and how to do it. I believed she saw that I was still willing to try and she decided to bless me. Not only did she give me options, she only charged me for one booklet plus a discount with it. I was supposed to pay for over $100 for 5 other things I needed printed but not only did she bless me, I felt like I actually had someone to help me. That experience helped me figure out my ‘it’, I need help. God show me it’s okay to get help, ask for help and receive help. He told me yes, sometimes it may feel like you’re the only one who knows, but you don’t. So I’m learning that I’m worthy of help. I know that might seem unordinary, but I've started to really believe that. I struggle because I feel like I'm supposed to feel like I got it even when I don’t. That’s the truth, I don’t but I’m trying to do better by allowing what I don’t and what I do flow in unity. Focusing on who can and will help me is how I’m pushing through that. I’m worthy of help and not only leaning onto my own understanding, but God too. I’m trusting that everything will work out in my favor, although it may seem unclear. God is telling me to trust the process, I didn’t bloom for no reason. Allow others to support me in my garden. I’m worthy of that.

Cadedra Burks

Worthy of help

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