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Worthy of Being

Social media is not always the issue, sometimes it’s the way we feel about yourself.


Comparison will cause you not to start, continue or finish, don’t allow the ‘sneak attack’ of other deter you of your being, your purpose and your progression. Social media is not always the issue, sometimes it’s the way we feel about yourself. What are some things you found yourself comparing to? Ask yourself ‘What is in me that feels unsatisfied?’ Why? For me it’s definitely the success of other women businesses, although I’m not inferior I do at times feel underrated. I believe I have so much impactful work that has no influence and when I see people with influence with no substance it makes me think dang, why since I’m doing something more valuable it can’t receive that same type of impact. I feel like I’m about to check myself because although it might not be as valuable to me, it doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. It simply just doesn’t speak to me and I have to learn to focus on the ones who my work speaks to even if that’s just family or friends. I feel like I got so caught up in if I do this I should receive this type of recognition or sale, when consistently and awareness can do that for me. I want to focus more on telling my story and inspiring one woman at a time. The right women will be aligned and the community I seek will grow. I’m trusting the process of not being satisfied with what I have now, but I want to put that focus on building more connections, conversations and challenges overcome. On my social media present I want to sell but through my experience not just look here what I got but here’s how I’m being and living with my God given purpose. If others' success makes you feel inferior about who you are, check your why. Expose the lie that allows you to compare. Your being is who you were, are and becoming. Your being is not perfect, it’s not underrated, it’s not anyone else's gift, it’s just you. Get to know that person and don’t make room for it, present it to God. You are love, you are worthy of being, you’re chosen, you’re God child.

Cadedra Burks

Personal Evaluation Sunday Blog

Worthy of Being


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