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With Patience…

Force is not patience, it’s control 


Instead of seeking what I need to do or how I should do it 

Just be with ease 

The rush in what I should, would and can do is just that a rush 

Allowing impulsive thoughts, emotions and behavior to direct me is a misrepresentation of patience

Patience is ease in discipline, discovery and discomfort 

It’s not about always knowing or always leading with this force to do 

It is what it is 

Trying to change, shape or control the ‘it’ can cause distress, distraction and disappointment 

But awe this thing we call grace is the ease in the patience 

Grace replace stress by being obedience in what you know

Force is not patience, it’s control 

We have this ideal that we have to have it all figured out but life is not a destination, it’s a journey of learning, growing and empowering 

Allow patience to be with ease by surrendering what you think you should… you fill in the blank

Trust what is it 

Affirm with me 

I trust what has happened 

I trust the joy in what I create 

I trust the process of the unknown 

I trust I’m capable of what is for me 

I trust the ease and what that means for me

Cadedra Burks

With Patience 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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