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With Kindness …

Kindness is truth


Kindness is truth

Truth of what you know

Truth of what you don’t know 

Truth of your behaviors 

Truth of your heart 

Truth of your actions 

Truth of your desires 

What’s your truth and how do you present it 

Does the presentation of your truth only come from how you feel?

Kindness is friendly, generous, considerate 

Friendly of

Generous of

Considerate of 

You finish it as a statement, question or exclamation point 

One thing about truth it will set you free

Truth shapes your being when you develop a system of acceptance, affirmations, accessibility & aspirations

How can you be kind to what you need to accept

Now affirm that acceptance with joy 

Provide access to that joy with change behavior 

Aspire who you want to be in the now, right now 

You deserve it, so do it 

Cadedra Burks 

Evaluation Sunday Blog

With Kindness… 


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