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With Ease…

What does it mean to be present?


I choose to listen in silence 

Silence allows you to reflect on what is needed and how to receive what is needed 

As I listen to my inner thoughts, feelings and outlook I write down what it is 

I’m doing it with ease 

Ways to do it with it ease

Clean in silence 

Stretch in silence 

Truck ride in silence 

Shop in store in silence 

Bath in silence 

Work in silence 

Drink my tea in silence 

Intentional breaks in silence 

Ease is what you allow it to be in the present 

The present is the now 

I trust the ease and what that means for me

My thoughts are there to guide me in what I need 


I’m spending what I need with ease 

I’m listening what I need with ease 

I’m receiving what I need with ease 

I’m trusting what I need with ease 

Piece by peace, day by day and thing by thing 

That looks like honoring the silence of releasing and receiving in the ways I do it in ease

Cutttt it 

Cadedra Burks 

With Ease 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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