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‘You are someone’s representation’


SJR asked ‘You are being called to transition into a way of being that feels uncultivated, uninhabited and inhospitable. What is that place?’ That’s the exact space I’m in. I’m legit combating everything that’s against me and it’s so hard. I’m so used to the comfort of predictability but when the change is unknown it’s hard to trust myself. I feel sure but I don’t know for sure. I feel lead but no direction. I feel passion but no outlook. I feel stuck, inpatient and unmotivated in my current wilderness but I know it’s all to serve a purpose. So I’m trying to change my mind from stuck to substance. Inpatient to insurmountable. Unmotivated to uplift. It’s not a walk in the park but I’m acknowledging the step I’m taking, trying and trusting. Bars. I’m taking the steps to focus on what I can do with my time with what I have instead of sorrowing in what I feel like I need to have in order to keep it going. I’m trying to get comfortable with the no’s, no response and the delays instead focus on the vision. I’m trusting that God will see me through in what He has planned for myself and my asset to my community. Like SJR said ‘You are someone’s representation’ and I believe that. I’ve been in a place of discouragement but that’s the devil's plan to distract me. I know now I’m in the wilderness that’s uncultivated, uninhabited and inhospitable. I’m realizing the new ruckus that comes along with that but I'm not that. I’m learning that I can’t make what I am confused with what I’m going through. I’m processing how to let go of the life I once lived and embrace my new normal. On that note I’m ending with SJR ‘When you resist what you think you know and choose to figure out what God knows, the impossible becomes possible’. That on periodT.

Cadedra Burks


Evaluation Sunday Blog


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