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What Men Want?

Learn the difference between what he wants and what you are willing to consider.


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There are key responses that men need; respect, companionship, support and good sex. Respect his judgment even when you don’t agree. It’s important to listen to his opinion even when you feel you are right. Respect his abilities to be a man and his accomplishments that he achieve. Companionships for men can be recreational. Women are like spaghetti; mix all up together and men are like waffles; compartmentalize. Men want to have a place of admiration, rejuvenation nate and a place of peace. Men want to be cater to when he is worthy of it. It’s not a stroke of the ego, but it’s the divine support of their partner that makes them want to go stronger. A man sex drive is powerful, persistent and normal. In marriage, part of a man's design is to find fulfillment. Men need sex, women need affection. It works simultaneously. Satisfying sex is reassurance in his manhood and it is connected to the role a his woman. In a premarital relationship there is no commitment. He doesn’t seek to met all your needs when it all about sex. Learn the difference between what he wants and what you are willing to consider. Don’t settle yourself to get an outcome, that may not work out in your favor. Women are made from a men rib, he is her covenant. Respect, companionship, support and good sex all work together for men. It’s a desire for a man to love his wife like he loves the church.

Genesis 2 15-25

Ephesians 5:33

Brian J Edmonds

What Men Want


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