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What Is Going On NOW?

What does fulfillment look like now?



the period of time now occurring

So often we lack the awareness of our needs, feelings, values, triggers and a regimen to serve our lifestyle 

In today’s society you may feel like… 

  • If you’re still you are not doing enough 

  • If you sacrifice something you are behind 

  • If the substance of what you hope for isn’t your current reality that you’re failing 

I learned that success is your own unique blueprint and you have to be honest with the awareness of the now to know 

We are on go

We are applying principles 

We are doing all the things 

But something just isn’t fulfilled… Stop to pause to reflect 

What does fulfillment look like now? Is there success in that or is the success solely on the ultimate desire? What are those desires? 

Take a deep breathe in bae and out through the nose 

I learned that I was so caught up in the future that the present couldn’t be content. It’s okay to be where you are and still work to where you need to be. When that work starts to decline as mental health/illness, it’s time to reevaluate what is important. Don’t start stressing on the unknown that you can’t embrace the journey of it 

Be proud of you and what you are doing. That’s how the fruit of the spirits liberate 

Cadedra Burks

What Is Going On NOW?

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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