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I chose to be free in wellness


Wellness who, Wellness what, Wellness why, Wellness when, Wellness where, Wellness how. Chileeeeee when I was in college always listening to others stories of childhood upbringing and things they've been through, I used to be like damn I can’t wait until I feel comfortable enough to express my upbringing. I always used to feel shame, embarrassed, hurt, unstable and all the above on why I can’t share. It wasn’t until I started focusing on why I can share it when I became free. Free is wellness. It’s when you are able to learn, understand, process, reflect and grow through life knowing that you are human. Being human exempt you from having the perfect whatever, I had to learn no matter what I went through I had to choose how that will serve my future or define it for the worst. I chose to be free in wellness. I chose to educate my mind, body, soul and spirit to birth self awareness, self love and self worth & value. I'm a product of these labels: Single parent household, Toxic relationships, Sexual abuse & harassment, Poverty, Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual instability, Homelessness, Family cycle of drugs/alcohol abuse and Jail birds & dealer, but they don’t define me they made me who I’am. It molded me into a God fearing woman of wellness. I’m a black woman who found self care as an outlet to turn my struggles into successors. I’m a black woman who is aware of her trauma & chose to birth triumph out of it. I’m a black woman whose soul is wellness, whose energy is uplifting, whose personality is humorous, whose heart is healing, whose smile is nurturing and whose ambition is empowering. My wellness gave birth to my Self Care Lifestyle business. I chose a Self Care Lifestyle path and I want you to join me as your Self Care Coach. I hope you sign up for the Virtual Self Care Retreat to get your journey cracking!

Cadedra Burks


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