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Unwrap your Gift

The gift is you


Vulnerability is truth rooted in integrity. Integrity is who you are. Who you are is your gift. Oftentimes we go searching outward, when what we need to discover is within. On my website I asked are you ready to go to war with yourself? This question serves as substance because it requires you to look at you vs you. In order to reach your gift, you have to reach you. Ayyyyy that was a bar! Understanding you will trigger who you were, teach you who you are and transform who you want to be. We connect with our higher power by unpacking stillness. We connect with our higher self by unpacking sacrifice and we connect with our higher destiny by unpacking substance. The major key in all this is connection. What and who we are connected to? To connect with ourselves we first have to recognize our truth. Our truth is our connection to our being and our gift is connected to our higher power. God is the higher power that connects with us through the Holy Spirit that guides within us through our intuition. So to get to our gift we have to know ourselves and know God. That’s when we followed the substance of our being by being us. That substance is wrapped until you unwrap the gift. Are you ready to reveal what’s in it? Sign up for the Self Care Lifestyle Academy if you want to invest, learn and apply what’s necessary for your mind, body, soul and spirit 

Cadedra Burks 

Unwrap your Gift 

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