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You have to break those generational curses and turn it into generational healing


Evaluation Sunday Blog

In this world things are becoming untouched, but touchable; You go to the grocery store and have a self check, you take selfies that are from you, you can message people in multiple ways such as social media, call, text, FaceTime etc. Sometimes we get so busy suggesting intimacy instead of producing intimacy. There are 6 steps to bring touch; The first one is being attached to a navel: this is a dependable source to feed you. In order to be independent, you have to be able to feed yourself the things you need most. In other words your happiness is your own responsibility. You can’t grow, if you don’t put in any work. The second is that no one washes you: you still look like what you were though. The old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and if you haven’t taken the time to really dig deep into what ‘it’ is you can never fully understand how that ‘it’ is used to make you who you are. Your struggles are your successor, but you have to grow through it in order to understand it. When you don’t know why, you become complacent. When you are complacent you don’t grow in the best version of yourself. The third one is no one sauté you: you can be healed, but not delivered. In order to deliver you have to be in a process of healing. The fourth one is no one swaddles you: are you covered? Do you cover others during these hard times? When wrong is your nature it’s hard to truly uplift people with grace. You have to break those generational curses and turn it into generational healing. The fifth one is comforted with compassion: being able to be seen. The sixth one is they case you out to an open field: in other words they threw you out to the wolves. Don’t not neglect the things you want to heal. It’s impossible to move forward without addressing the pain. It only leads to unresolved pain and it will show up in ways you least expect it. To truly live you have to love you, honor you, forgive you, heal you and be you. That takes self reflection, determination and patience. God said LIVE.

Message: Untouched

Scripture: Ezekiel 16:3-6 KJV

Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes


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