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Unrealistic Goals Of Healing

Your body is like nature, it has seasons


Iyanla Vanzant said in the breakfast club interview ‘it took me 2 years to land back in my body’

Chileeeee I felt this on all levels

When healing within it can seems like 

1. I’m doing all the right things, but its not giving the results

2. If they did it, it can certainly birth the same results for me 

3. Can I ever really reach full radical healing

4. It’s taking to long so what is the point 

5. This work is to hard, is it better to avoid it, tuh does it even exist 

I learned that unrealistic goals of healing can be rooted in comparison, compromise and control 

The true composition of healing is the nature of the thing, person or place

Your body is like nature, it has seasons of operations for the seeds you plant

The belief is the soil 

The education is the seed

The process is the stem 

The journey is the flower 

Don’t get so caught up in the soil that you stress before you can even bloom into the flower 

In other words, your path of healing will look different. To suffice that difference is education; belief through education is rooted in your personal navigation. When you believe, it doesn’t navigate the process, but it reveal it journey as you live it 


Cadedra Burks 

Unrealistic Goals Of Healing 

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