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Unrealistic Expectations

Be conscious of your reality


Accountability is deeply rooted in integrity. If you are aware of your truth but don’t stand on it, you will constantly be in a system where you put a person, place or thing above your needs. Your self care will diminish because you don’t accept reality

Be conscious of your reality and what you can do (Capability), what you can handle (Capacity), and what you can challenge (Cultivation); this will birth your blessings

Birthing requires truth, transparency and transformation 

1. Honor your truth, it will birth your self awareness

2. Honor your transparency, it will birth your self love

3. Honor your transformation, it will birth your self worth and value 

Unrealistic expectations come when you don’t assess your truth, aspire your journey, honor your affirmations and learn to accept your flaws. Trust the tools you got in order to serve what’s necessary for you

Need tools for a B.eautiful O.pportunity T.o do Y.ou sign up for the free B.O.D.Y Self Care Workshop

Are you ready? 

Cadedra Burks 

Unrealistic Expectations  

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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