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Unpack For Me

It’s so crazy because who would’ve ever thought just by me not taking no trips, would reveal a deeper meaning of me


As I reflect on 2020, I realize God has been the truth and He doesn’t just say what he’s going to do, but he exceeds abundantly. My word for 2020 was discipline. I wanted to sit down and take no trips, I wanted to use the trip money I was taking and invest in my business. It’s so crazy because who would’ve ever thought just by me not taking no trips, would reveal a deeper meaning of me. It's crazy because we think living is so external but it is just as internal as well. When I chose to not take any trips, God allowed me to sit with me. It's funny because I didn’t realize taking so many trips was an escape from reality. Yeah it was fun but I wanted to prove to myself that I was living the life. See trips are temporary, then you go back to reality but I soon realize my reality didn’t satisfy me. I just wanted to get away for temporary pleasure; I wanted to be seen, heard and valued. I was running from me in order to live a life that I truly wanted. I soon realized that I wasn’t living in my means and I wanted to change that. Sitting with myself made me realize I had healing to unpack. I had to unpack my why in life. I had to unpack my purpose in life. I had to unpack my worth and value in life. Sitting with myself allowed me to unpack so that I can restore. Restoration doesn’t come from escaping, it comes from healing. In order to be that best version of me I couldn’t just do the work and keep the same habits. I had to have discipline. Discipline in my lifestyle; my mind, soul, body and spirit. I took the time to get to know me and work through my hurt and that birth a deeper awareness of my purpose. 2021 I’m now a Self Care Coach in a box helping other women invest in who they were, are and becoming. Investment is not just what you give, it’s what you receive. God doesn't play when you follow his will. For 2021 my word is power. I have the tools, I got the discipline and now it is time for impact. That’s power. It’s the definition of New Year's New Levels of Me. Now go get your Self Care Lifestyle Box on presale Jan.4.2021 📦

Cadedra Burks

Unpack Me

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