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Trusting God In Weariness

Weariness: reluctance to see or experience any more of something



reluctance to see or experience any more of something

After the year I had in 2022, chileeeee I told God I can’t take anymore of nothing 

I grew weary in God’s word

I grew weary in my healing 

I grew weary in my process of success 

The weariness came from unnecessary challenges, unrealistic comparisons and unconsciously copying

One day I decided to completely surrender in my sacrifice. I decided I no longer was going to worship the sacrifice and rebirth my faith 

Rebirthing my faith looks like 

Having faith in the unknown (understanding) 

Being patience with the unknown (trusting)

Being obedience to the unknown (listening) 

The unknown allow me to be still and trust the substance of God word and our evolving relationship

To defeat the war of weariness you have to learn to be present and patience in the process 

To do this you have to focus on 

What are you currently doing

What is currently working

What can you do

This intentional focus will help you relinquish guilt, validate your feelings, honor your needs, speak your truth , address the conflict and soothe your soul

Don’t be afraid to address what is not for you and trust that God is aligning what is 

It’s time to flow, glow, show and slow down to release, restore and revive what is necessary to take care of you 

Cadedra Burks 

Trusting God In Weariness 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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