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It’s crazy because I have been in a surrendering space that is helping me pour from a space of divine love


Chileeeee this week fast had my mind racing because of the amount of revelations I received. Honestly sometimes we can make excuses for not doing what best for us because we feel like we need to please everything and everybody around us. It’s crazy because I have been in a surrendering space that is helping me pour from a space of divine love. I have a hard time trusting myself, let along the God I serve. At first I’m like D, how can you not trust God when He is your foundation. It was a hard thing to discover, but once I acknowledged it God loved overflow with abundant information. I’m in a stage of courageous transformation and the only way to get that end of the rainbow is to TRUST. Trust who I’m becoming and not let who I think I should be surpassed who I’m truly are. I’m in the prime stage of my life and I’m trusting God to guide me in His image of me. That requires me to be obedient in the things I’m least likely to do, scared to do or even understand why I’m doing it. Again I have to trust that what is for me is the best. I can’t say I’m confident in myself, but God knows my heart and is willing to supply me what I need. Yesterday Black Love Conversation ‘Stand by me’ revealed some major things that will help me along my journey of rediscovering me and that is understanding feelings. Understanding feelings is when you don’t know how you feel or can’t articulate how you feel or don’t know how to express how you feel, but you feel. I realized I have to leave space for that feeling until I learn what it is. I have to process here’s what I think I’m feeling, here is what I may not know if I’m feeling but I’m going to have the courage to feel it. If I can’t articulate it or address it how do I fix it? God told me it was using my voice. Believe it or not I sometimes shadow myself, my process and my progress because I never really trust myself. Now I know me working on myself is Nobel work and that work is my testimony to serve. So I’m being obedient in learning my voice, trusting my voice and speaking my voice in different avenues. I’m feeling my feels y’all 💕

Cadedra Burks


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