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3 steps to change that can apply to triggers; Acknowledge, accept and address


Chileeeeeeeeee so the T word is something I realize AINT for me. It’s crazy because as soon as you get through one level of that trigger awareness, it hits you at new levels that you least expect. I was watching a breakfast club interview with Iyanla Vanzant and Ctgod asked one question that stood out to me. He asked ‘Does it ever end? Will we reach a place of ultimate healing? Then I realize the depth of trauma. Trauma is something that can have a hold on you, trigger is something that reminds you of that hold and triumph works to get that hold to healing. The unsettling part is that it will never be forgotten, it’s like a page written in a book. Although the book ends, the story always continues. I realized when I’m triggered, I have to focus on what is ahead of me. And most of all I have to keep recreating a plan that keeps me lifted. I was trying to erase the trigger like a chalkboard, but keep the triumph but even the chalkboard leaves residue. In a workshop called Setting Healthy Boundaries with Joi Madison in the Broken heals community I learned there are 3 steps to change that can apply to triggers; Acknowledge, accept and address. So when I’m triggered I can always choose to identify those steps then understand, process and reflect the outcome I want. Joi stated ‘Communication is what I want to accomplish not what I want to say’ so in the midst of a trigger I have to learn what my emotions are trying to teach me. Our emotions are the teacher to the life we want to live. What we want is already here; we just have to be aligned with it. I realized when I try to rationalize the trigger, it heightened but when I choose to look at how far I come the trigger power decreases. I have to strengthen my trust for my gut, God and ambiguity in order to be in control of it. It's hard but the trigger will be there, but it doesn’t have to control me. The end goal is just that, the end but it will only stop when we’re in God kingdom. I’m learning to be okay with that.

Cadedra Burks


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