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To allow transparency to flow I had to get true with my courageous transformation I’m experiencing


It’s crazy because it wasn’t until I got truthful about what I actually feared about myself, my business and the lifestyle I want to live that I received true confirmation from God. I kept getting these questions revelation such as ‘Lists what I was blessed with? What I would like to ask God for? What do I envision for my life?’. God told me to get honest. It’s crazy because I felt like I was trying to look for something to make me feel comfortable in what I was doing, even in what I was saying but once I revealed that it’s not what I don’t believe God is capable of, but what does trust in what he’s capable of look like. The Tried and True message by Pastor Brian J. Edmonds, took me out of the park because I’m like huh I gots to deep dig on my relationship with God. I’m learning that my relationship with God has to be intentional and not just an initiative reality. I can’t just depend on him when my way doesn’t work or what I believe the outcome should be to come into fruition. I’m letting go of that control (fear) so I can step into surrender. My new experience is to start trusting God with my life. This new experience is allowing me to distinguish and discern my voice and God's voice. I’m using His word to lead and my voice to be free in it. I’m letting go of others' validation (fear) so I can step into my values. This trust allows me to step out on faith and experience new levels that I never thought I could fathom with my business, with my soon relocation to DMV and who I am becoming. I’m letting go of who I thought I was, what I thought I was capable of, that limited mindset (fear) into an abundance one. To allow transparency to flow I had to get true with my courageous transformation I’m experiencing. I’m scared of growth but I know it’s time to experience anew me. So I’m doing everything that is opposite of what I’m fearing, chileeeeeee it’s hard but I’m growing; I’m believing bigger.

Cadedra Burks


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