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Too Fast, Too Soon

Just because I’m comfortable shouldn’t make me content..


Evaluation Sunday Blog

It’s crazy because in church today, I had a revelation of my guilty conscience. I notice that anytime I feel like I’m confused or I’m constantly changing my mind or stance on something that is the sign of the enemy. I realize God doesn’t send signs of confusion, he send signs of clarity. So these feelings, thoughts and emotions, I been feeling is telling me something and I need to listen. I met someone who makes me feels like the only girl in the world and instead of sticking to my guns of a God fearing healthy relationship, I was choosing to settle over attention. It’s crazy because I didn’t spend all that time to learn about myself just to revert back to the old me. I didn’t put boundaries in place just to cross them and I didn’t sacrifice my soul, to give it away so quickly. I feel like I’m moving too fast because I Am and it’s up to me to change that. It’s up to me to break that cycle because at the end of the day I work too hard for it. I have to remember if it is God sent, I don’t need to conform to the norms of culture. I want to break the norm of doing what culture said is appropriate, that I know is wrong and that haven’t work for me. I need to speak and do what is right. I understand I’m going to make mistakes, but I have a choice to operate in the new version of me. Just because I’m comfortable shouldn’t make me content. God has gave me grace and I don’t want to forget about Him, when He has been there for me. Now that things are going my way, I want to lead by example and not by the curses that were set up for me to fail. I’m choosing to operate out of a place of wholeness. 

Too Fast, Too Soon

Cadedra Burks 

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