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Time is the ultimate sacrifice

What is deep is knowing how to manage discipline of time


Chileeeeee what didn’t you used to value that you now do? Baby this question is the one. This question sparked my spirit after listening to an interview and you know I had to go deep. What is deep is knowing how to manage discipline of time. I believe time is the ultimate sacrifice because of what it costs. Time isn’t something we choose, it is. Time isn’t something we need, it is. Time isn’t something we do, it is. When you think about time, it’s important to realize how you can manage it. No matter the sacrifice, the value is determined when we learn to manage it. The two biggest things I believe I didn’t use to value then that I do now is health + vulnerability. Health is wealth and there is healing in being well. I believe the struggle with health is understanding time. Whew! Just like nature we come in seasons and we often don’t give ourselves or others the time to bloom. I’m learning the power in the planting season. The planting is where vulnerability shows up. Vulnerability is rooted in truth and that can be scary, but also satisfying. Two things can be true at the same time, but it’s being okay with not knowing, okay with making a mistake, okay with taking a break, okay with what has happened etc. It’s not about what has happened, it’s about what you are giving time to bloom. Time can be worth it when you understand what it costs, tuh that sacrifice aw right! Cost can look like Faith, Kids, Career, Lifestyle, Health, Time, Relationships, but the true being is that management. Managing the seeds, water, sunlight, environment and so forth. Your garden is always blooming, keep maintenance on what you need in order to be. Your time is now💕

Cadedra Burks

Time is the ultimate sacrifice 

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