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Time is for virtue

When people say it’s a new beginning, I see it as a birthing to the unknown, but a passion to find


Time is a virtue. Wow, when people used to say that I used to be like yes but it’s one thing to acknowledge it and another thing to process it. When you acknowledge something you recognize what is happening. When you process something you understand what is happening. You realize that what has happened is only good for you to grow. It gets tricky because we feel if something hasn’t manifested in how we expected it to be that our time spent is not a virtue. We may feel like we can’t heal from it, can we really do it, was or is it really worth it, was or is this new person, place or thing a waste of time, money, energy or service. I realized that time wasted is only a perception, but it becomes a reality when I manifest it. I’m learning to truly appreciate every moment, experience, circumstances or whatever life is trying to teach me because that is what I need. I’m learning just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean it can not happen, just because I’m hurt doesn’t mean I can’t heal, just because I’m sad doesn’t mean I can’t be satisfied. Time is always right on time. Faith is always faithful. Joy is always joyous. In this time of the unknown I’m experiencing I’m trusting in what is already within me. I’m trusting what is already done. I’m trusting what is to come. I'm trusting my gifts. I trust what I manifest, believe, feel, honor and so on. It’s a level of peace that is always with me when I acknowledge it and when I process what that looks like. I’m looking at time as trust, truth transparency and transformation. Trust the time. Find truth in the time. Be transparent in time and transform what time is teaching me. That’s my truth and the fruits of the spirits are keeping me lifted, filled and grounded uuuheardddd.

Cadedra Burks

Time is a virtue

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