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Time is an essence

My beliefs are anchored in what I think, so I’m practicing that art of being


I’m becoming more aware of my focus and the intentions of my thoughts because those lead to feelings. My beliefs are anchored in what I think, so I’m practicing that art of being. I have to protect the presence of that down to the words I say out of my mouth. Anything can happen and anything is possible if I believe it. Time is always on my side which I’m learning is the essence of life. Instead of thinking of it as complex, I’m being intentional about the cultivation. Cultivation of choices, habits, thoughts, skills, relationships, career and of course the fruits of the spirits. It’s the intention of being in that space that is already within. BARS. In the book ‘Dollars Flow To Me Easily’ by Richard Dotts he states “You’re find your life becoming more fulfilled and fuller than before, not because you have suddenly become deserving of all your good but because you are now one with everything good that you have asked for all you learn life”. This book has taught me how to live in God's creation. In order to be all that I already am, I have to look inward to the fruits of the spirits. That’s the essence of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Let’s sit in that space, that awareness and that being of it, itself. WHEW

Cadedra Burks

Time is an essence

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