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There is Power in the Pause

Determination is stillness in the PAUSE


There is power in the pause. Bars! Let me spit this word to you real quick, Dedra please lol. Seriously though, there is power in stopping, in a break, in a vacation, in a deep breath, in a connection, tuh you keep this momentum going with the vibes. I used to think stillness was giving up, but it’s receiving; Receiving what we need in order to serve ourselves, our relationships, our friendships, our families, our career etc. Receiving often comes with this negative connotation of selfishness. Baby I’m here to slander that thought and bring victory into it, can I get an amen. Stillness is rooted in selflessness. Selfless is this thing when we become one with ourselves; it can look like a moment, season or factor of wholeness and balance. I used to have this skewed mindset that wholeness & balance was a destination but it really was a determination. Ehhhhhh that was raw, but it’s a determination because of the setting, willpower, resolution, calculation, come through synonyms. Determination is stillness in the PAUSE, full circle moment baby. Stillness doesn’t have to be, it is. In order to be still you have to be determined to receive. Receiving doesn’t always come naturally, but it can become what we make it. There is power in the pause, so ask yourself what are my needs? Then give yourself the space to receive it. Drops mic 🎤 

Cadedra Burks 

There is power in the pause 

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