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The Year of the Rebirth

The war is now seize as I continue to birth who and what God called me to be and do!


Rebirth geeesh that’s how I’m coming for 2023! When I think of the word rebirth it strengthens how I’m reawakening everything that was stolen from me as I choose to invest in me. Bars! I’m taking back the feelings of grief, guilt, unworthiness, settling, doubt, compromise, fear and urgency that was uprooted when I chose to accept all of me. Acceptance for me in 2022 tried to take my power for growing weary in doing the right thing! Tuh, last time I checked being aware of and applying what I need, checking in with my feelings, operating out of my core values, coping with my triggers and soothing my self care regimen that aided growth is divine. Whew breathe, that was a mouth full! I realized through the journey that I didn’t have to change who I was, I just had to grow in the changes! Bars! That meant really tapping into my choices, circumstances, consumptions and challenges to accept, aspire, assess and affirm this season! The assets of this season reveal the strength in my body image, nutrition, movement & rest! The rebirth is the recognition of revival of stillness, sacrifice and substance through my soul! The war is now seized as I continue to birth who and what God called me to be and do! Drops mic 🎤 

Cadedra Burks 

The Year of the Rebirth 

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