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The Value in Process Feelings

As I serve, I’m reminded that I’m a servant.


Evaluation Sunday Blog

This season of my life I’m learning to value the process of feeling my feelings. God paused me so that I could be poured into. He paused me from all external factors such as my business, work and family/friends to allow me to reflect on what is in me. I thought I was lacking connection with God since I wasn’t able to ‘be’ for others, but God showed me a new level of faith. He is showing me that I could release control and things not be out of control. I don’t have to be that person for everybody and I need to be okay with that. I’m learning things will happen with or without me and when it’s without me that is their journey of growth. I’m learning that I can trust & have faith in the process of ‘being’. That ‘being’ process involves prayer, giving thanks, being present and cultivating peace. I realize I need to put my faith before trust because trust grows overtime and faith is what leads it. I realize that my worth does not contribute to what I do. My mistakes or conscious bad decisions don't devalue my worth instead it’s an opportunity of growth, it’s education, it’s experiences, it’s life. It strengthens my value to live in wholeness. It challenges me to understand that a tree can bear fruit; that fruit can lead to abundance or emptiness. So as I serve those feelings, I’m reminded that I’m a servant of what I allow will continue, but what I address will reflect the decision of my growth. Don’t let that go over your head Pooh.

Cadedra Burks 

The Value in Process Feelings

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