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The love in desires

Ignites your fire & desire (come onnnnnn Rick Jamessssssssssss) 


Becoming you in love is all about your desires of your heart

The desires of your heart is rooted in your aspirations

Desires of your heart can be 

Healthy mindset 

Healthy consumptions: Buy/listen/watch/read that adds value

Healthy self love

Healthy support

Healthy connections 

Healthy relationships 

Healthy friendships

Healthy career goals 

It’s knowing what matters to you, what gives you joy and what ultimately makes you happy!

Growing in self awareness, self love and self worth and value requires self reflection 

Self reflection allows you to love what you desires 

Your soul is a personal expression to life

Ignites your fire & desire (come onnnnnn Rick Jamessssssssssss) 

It's time to serve you as you reflect who you are in God, with God as self

Cadedra Burks 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 

The love in desires 


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