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Spiritual Warfare

The devil better go play with someone who isn’t the daughter of a king


Whewwww God you just snatched that heaviness up off of me and I couldn’t be more grateful. Wow. Today’s message from pastor B confirmed those feelings of heaviness I’ve been feeling because I’m under spiritual attack. Not because of wrongdoings but because of the greatness I’ve been experiencing. It’s so funny how the devil will try and use my family, ex’s, bad eating habits and financial instability to try and distract me from my blessing of expansion. The fact that I’ve been praying, worshiping, listening to sermons, doing my daily devotional, reading my word and being in a discern place of spiritual gain shows that the devil is trying to play a real one. Pastor B said it’s time to change my perspective on what I’m experiencing and what I’m exposed to and I couldn’t agree more. What I’m exposed to can lead to distraction and distractions always lead to disappointments when they are met with expectations. Lately I was expecting to receive help with this move to Maryland and was met with disappointment that I chose not to feed. Instead I choose to pivot and focus on what I could control and not the standard I expected from anyone. That is a change of perspective that shows how I’m defeating the enemy. My revelations are telling me to really protect what I’m doing and do not expect but expect the unexpected. That is going to get me through this expansion. I’m not alone and God is with me. So the devil better go play with someone who isn’t the daughter of a king. I’m doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, that war against my spirit is defeated.

Cadedra Burks

Spiritual Warfare

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