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Sexual Soul Ties

My friends thought I was toxic because once I had sex with a guy he was automatically my man.


Let me tell y’all something, SOUL TIES are real. Raggedy, Bummy, Healthy & Unhealthy Soul ties can get you tied up. Not just in relationships, but friendships as well. I had some unhealthy soul ties, that feeling when you know they aren’t no good for you but you settle to please any needs, insecurities or feelings for a moment of pleasure. I had to learn that I’m a date, a one person at a time type of girl. Well in college I wasn’t but that is a whole nother story. I’m the type that like talking, dating, having sex with one man and I expect that energy to be reciprocated. My friends thought I was toxic because once I had sex with a guy he was automatically my man. They called me toxic because I didn’t communicate my intentions, feelings & needs beforehand but expected them to show up. Part of that is not knowing what I wanted and figuring myself out but you know. I feel like once these souls exchange sexually, it’s not coming back so why not make the best of it. If you can care enough to get intimate with me then you should care enough about me. But NO I had to learn that the hard way and honestly it hurt me. I had to realize my worth doesn’t devalue based on some someone’s inability to see my worth. The fact that someone can casually have sex with others and then think they can intertwine all soul they’re having sex with into mines is ridiculous to me. No wonder why people are crazy and out of their mind because they got hella souls within them. Not for me, sex is more than an act for me it’s a connection mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I’m an all purpose woman and I had to learn to stop putting myself in situations that left me feeling empty. If I’m not safe enough with you to be and live in my full truth ain’t no sense of me having my time wasted. I’m worth more than someone masturbating with my body. My powerhouse is a part of my temple and I had to put some RESPECT ON IT. I had to tell myself you don’t have to subject yourself to culture standards and compartmentalize who you are to please a sexual need. That too much work when I could really just be myself and attracted the reflection of me. Break that soul or it will break you! That was a werd I hope you got it. 

Cadedra Burks 

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Sexual Soul Ties 


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