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When people say it’s a new beginning, I see it as a birthing to the unknown, but a passion to find


The self care virtual retreat is over but the wellness doesn’t stop. Doing this retreat was a reminder that wellness is here but we have to seek it daily. Now that it is July the meaning of seven keeps flowing in my spirit. Seven is a sign of new beginnings; Seven is in my license plate, my vision board, it’s the month of a new promise, new job, new state, new lifestyle, new home, new meanings of love, self and God. It’s funny because when I research the meaning of seven it’s stated by numerology nation that it is spirituality, inner wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, mysticism, intuition, introspection, thoughtfulness, and collective consciousness. The fact that God knew what I would be experiencing in July and prep me with the virtual retreat in June shows me everything was to deepen favor. When people say it’s a new beginning, I see it as a birthing to the unknown, but a passion to find. Finding who you are becoming by understanding who you were, who you are and whose you are. I feel like I’m at a level of spiritual enlightenment that words can’t even describe. I have been learning that communication (prayer) isn’t always in what is said, it's what is not said and the silence within it. I’m growing in a deeper multitude of silence. I’m recognizing the peace in silence, God in silence, good in silence. The art of communication or communion with God, with self, with others and with life is rooted in silence. The root of the art is listening. Understanding what needs to be said or what needs to be present is being at one. That one is wholeness, it’s God and it’s goodness

Cadedra Burks


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