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Show Up for Yourself

To honor my boundaries means that I have to add communication and action in order to serve me


You are worthy of boundaries. That means your boundaries are valuable, valid and victorious. Worth is the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated. I notice when I set a boundary, it is an acknowledgment of my worth. To honor my boundaries means that I have to add communication and action in order to serve me. Often when we have to revise boundaries, it’s because of the communication and action attached in order to honor it. Sometimes we think we need to change who we are, but really we need to evaluate how we show up. Boundaries aren’t just for others, but they are a service to us. I realized that action can’t come without communication. Learning how to communicate is an evolving practice. When you choose to ignore, suppress, dismiss or quiet how you feel, think, or speak of a boundary, it becomes less of value. It’s not that you are less then but you choose to operate in a version of you that needs growth. So how do you learn to communicate is what I had to ask myself. Learning to communicate is listening to yourself, a process of your thoughts and making oneself understand. Once you conquer that then it’s time to add action. Speaking is an action. In order to speak you have to have a conversation. A conversation of boundaries is worthy of you. A conversation is first with you. Start having a conversation with yourself about what you need, want and desire. Showing up for yourself is how you communicate and add action to your boundaries.

Cadedra Burks

Show up for yourself

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