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Self Care Essential #1 Needs Garden

Needs are prioritized by necessaries that are in alignment with your aspirations


Having needs doesn’t make you needy, it makes you aware of what’s absolutely needed for you. Needs are prioritized by necessaries that are in alignment with your aspirations. Let me break it down for you BAE, cause you know I’m leading by example. My top five needs are being stable, cleanliness, organization, God, sense of belonging. I believe in order to effectively meet your needs you have to prioritize what is necessary for you. Let me break down how I make my needs a priority daily to invest in my self care; “This is how we do it” in Montell Jordan voice. I prioritized God by investing in a gospel song, devotional, scriptures & journal daily; I start my mornings with a Bible verse + gospel song to set the mood of a go(o)d day. You feel me? Before I start my work tasks, I journal my thoughts to God and if I’m feeling extra I will throw in a devotional. I prioritized stability by making sure I earn enough money to take care of my basic needs; housing, bills, food etc. I prioritized organization by having a daily to do list; I scheduled my personal, professional and self care goals in advance in a visible weekly outlook. I prioritize cleanliness in my daily to do list; my daily morning routine is in this order: WO, Clean, Eat, Shower, Professional Tasks. Cleaning helps declutter my mind to focus on my professional task of the day. Lastly, I prioritized a sense of belonging by hanging out with family, friends, nature and traveling. My aspiration is to become a FT self care coach earning enough income to live a luxury lifestyle; This aspiration aligns with my needs because in order to live out my dream I AM prioritizing my personal, professional and self care goals. These goals guide me in who I am, whose I am and what I’m called to do. Get intooooooooooo it. It’s me for me, doing what is necessary for me; that my DEAR is self care.

Cadedra Burks

Self Care Essential #1 Needs

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