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Self Accept Your Esteem

The esteem is a forever practice for your go(o)d


Your feelings doesn’t define you, it is a state of esteem of what has happened, what is happening and what can happen 

Your esteem define the setting in which you can choose positive choices, changes, consumptions, circumstances and challenges for the betterment of who you are 

Accepting your esteem is being self aware of your self love and worth and value 

  • Self awareness is esteem of your needs, feelings, values, triggers and self care regimen 

  • Self love is how you show up in your esteem through acceptance, affirmations, accessibility and aspirations

  • Self worth is the product of your esteem through your standards, character, values and purpose 

Getting to know who you are is an evolving experience through seasons and valleys

In the seasons and valley honor yourself by investing in what heal (thy) means to you 

Heal (thy) is a representation of the your mind, body, soul and spirit of well being, well lifestyle and a well community

Being healthy is a form of confidence that can suit your esteem through body image, nutrition, movement and rest 

Trust the esteem of your spirit by investing in God as a return on you 

The esteem is a forever practice for your go(o)d . Where you were is the art of where you are and the transformation of who you are being 

Do you know her? Get to know her by signing up for one of the self care workshops 

Cadedra Burks 

Self Accept Your Esteem 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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