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Seizing The War Inside You

Are you aware of it, conscious of it, attentive to it?


I’m choosing to bloom in confidence. Confidence that I’m no longer bound to the stress it causes to invest in scarcity. I’m affirming I’m safe, I’ve enough and abundance is coming. I’m going to continue what I can with what I have until my harvest is received. The harvest is coming, I’m believing that. I bloom in confidence in the season I’m in with grace. I’m accepting my sacrificial season just as that, a season. I’m not going to overstep my season, but step in it with ease. What’s for me will revive. I trust that, I honor that and I receive that. Going to war with self is taking captive your thoughts, strengthening movement, soothing emotions and reflecting on the known. The known is the now and the now is present. Are you aware of it, conscious of it, attentive to it? Unknown is to be discovered, but belief is now. Discover you to seize the war in you! The seizing requires you to identify your needs, feelings, core values, trauma and self care regimen. Once you identify them, then it’s time to apply them. Application of these breeds confidence in your self awareness, self love and self worth and value. Trust it, obey it and bestaaaa believe it shawtyyy!

Cadedra Burks 

Seizing The War Inside You

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