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Seasonal Friends

Life has a way of showing you who is really with you when you are in the trenches


Evaluation Sunday Blog

As I grow into more of who I am I had to realize so did my circle of friendships. Growing up in survival, I look at friends as a getaway. Getaway from real life to enjoy each other's being, but as I grew into a boss woman (okayy) I learned that friends aren’t just a getaway they are lifesavers. Life has a way of showing you who is really with you when you are in the trenches. I realize when I was at the bottom, some friends could relate more. They could be there for me because they were there too. The real struggle was when I grew from the bottom & those same friends couldn’t come with me. You would think those friends would want to see you win but that wasn’t the case. When they are still losing, they think you think you are better but in reality you just grew. I wanted to live a lifestyle that was destined to be great. I wanted to break family generational curses and habits to start a new legacy of love and not survival.  And I’m not going to apologize for growing even though I felt I needed to. That shit really hurt my heart to see the people I thought care for me to not grow with me. Y’all I tried to fight for some of those individuals so hard, but God told me it’s not my responsibility to make people want to be better for themselves. No matter how much potential I saw, it still wasn’t my responsibility to make their potential come to life. I still struggle with that unfortunately, but for my homegirl out there that feels like they lost friends because of their growth, this is your confirmation that some friends are in your life for a season. Do not I mean DO NOT dim your light to fit into trauma bonds, continue your journey of growth queen. 

Cadedra Burks 

Seasonal Friends 

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