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Romanticize My Present

Being present is the embodiment of your true feelings, thoughts and outlooks


Romanticizing my present involves living in the now. Oftentimes we can get caught up in what we used to do or where we need to be that we forget to live in now. Living in the now looks like identifying, practicing, honoring and showing up in self acceptance, affirmations, accessibility and aspirations 

  • Self acceptance looks like identifying your character traits (the good & bad)

  • Affirming self looks like practicing the implementation of your standards

  • Accessibility looks like honoring your boundaries to protect your values 

  • Aspirations looks like showing up in your purpose by pursuing your passion in some capacity 

My self love comes from my ability to take care of myself. Being present is the embodiment of my true feelings, thoughts and outlooks. I choose to ignite the present by romanticizing how I show up in self care. What are you currently doing NOW to romanticize your self care? I’m choosing 

  • Solo traveling

  • Solo experiences

  • Paying for luxury conveniences + experiences

  • Quality Food

  • Quality Athleisure Wear

  • Self Care Maintenance: Hair, Nails/Feet, Eyebrows + Facials 

  • Trusting God's plan instead of trying to discover my own plan

  • Trusting the timeline of God's plan

  • Choosing to LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH

  • Growing Self Care Lifestyle

  • Explore my sexual fantasies 

Choose now to do it, ah ah ahhhhh don’t go making any excuses, choose to romanticize your presence and what that means to you! Sign up for the Soothing Your Soul Self Care Workshop

Cadedra Burks 

Romanticize The Present 

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