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Romanticize My Past

Don’t be afraid to embrace the evolution of the past, that’s how you romanticize it


Chileeeeeeee romanticizing my past is accepting the new for me. I'm a product of these labels: single parent household, toxic relationships, sexual abuse & harassment, poverty, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual instability, homelessness, family cycle of drugs/alcohol abuse and jail birds & dealer, but they don’t define me they made me who I’am. It molded me into a self motivated, perseverance, driven, graceful, ambitious, determined, optimistic, risk taken, gifted, God fearing woman I am today. I’m a black woman who found self care as an outlet to turn my struggles into successors. I’m a black woman who is aware of her trauma & chose to birth triumph out of it. Understanding the past has helped me see where I was, not where I am unless I choose to live there. Oftentimes I believe we mistake what happened to us as the definition of us. I am not those labels but I can be a byproduct of how I overcame those labels; that is what defines me. Bars. I recognized that the statistics of those labels can show up as the choices, changes, consumptions, circumstances and challenges I make (come on minding your business self care workshop, learn more here). Being a byproduct of those statistics is accepting, affirming, assessing and being an asset (whew chilee learn more about this in the soothing your soul self care workshop here) through those experiences. As I evolved, I’m learning that experiences are lessons to life, but also the teacher. Don’t be afraid to embrace the evolution of the past, that’s how you romanticize it. My girl SJR said in her newsletter ‘You don’t have to know who you’re becoming to realize that you aren’t who you used to be.’ Trust your evolution, it’s for your go(o)d!

Cadedra Burks 

Romanticize My Past

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