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I’m reminded of that shaken faith birth's insurmountable purpose


During my fasting I had so many revelations. I noticed I wasn’t mentally, physically nor emotionally tired but my spirit was low. I was disconnected with God cause I wasn’t being intentional about his presence. I was doing my normal listening to gospel music, sermon and reading my Bible verse and so on, I was listening but I wasn’t understanding and most importantly I wasn’t putting any action on what God was telling me. I was going with the flow, but not connecting and that made my spirit low. I decided to fast from social media and anything that consumes my time and energy. I started being intentional with my devotional, sermon, prayer and God word. God reveals to me that He loves me and is with me. He let me know that he is proud of me. He is proud because I legit have been doing the work on myself. I have been shifting my mind, catering to my body and reflecting on my soul. He wanted me to pause so he can remind me of his love for me and boyyyyy do I feel it. I was sitting with myself and God was there guiding me. It’s nothing like being at peace with God. That peace allows him to use me as his vessel. I’m reminded of that shaken faith birth's insurmountable purpose. So no matter what God is with me through it all and man that feels good. I learned barriers are pathways to our purpose. He didn’t say the weapons won’t form he said it wouldn’t prosper. That’s why constant conversation with him is useless if it is not actionable. I'm strengthening my faith and that is how my relationship with God is growing. Being the best version of myself requires self awareness and that is something I invest in daily. That investment is rooted in faith.

Cadedra Burks


Personal Evaluation Sunday blog 


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