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Rest is essential to Self Care

Rest is rooted in stillness


What does quiet time look like for you? For me it’s taking the time to release, receive and revive what I need in a moment of stillness by making time to be still; That was a bar, don’t let that go over your head. Mediation has been my form of release when I need to quiet my inner thoughts and feelings; That looks like taking a few deep breaths, guided or unguided. Being mindful of my breath allows me to alleviate stress and promote my body relaxation. Breathwork takes me to a deep state of mind beyond my conscious, that allows my essence of well-being to be received; Get into the fruits of the spirits. Journaling allows me to take what I need to receive to the next level. I like to braindump whatever is on my mind to the lordT. What God say, cast out all your anxiety on him because he cares for you —1 Peter 5:7. It makes me feel good to know I have the opportunity to be free in my thoughts, emotions and outlook in a safe, secure space; that form of braindump allows me to brainstorm my revival. Whew! Devotionals is a tool I use to take my brainstorm to the next NEXT level. I’m now connecting my Breathwork, Braindump and Brainstorm to the universe; it allows me to be intentional in my truth, my voice and my devotion to what I’m learning, growing and empowering. Rest is rooted in stillness. Stillness requires you to be intentional about what you need. When you are intentional about what you need you make time to take care of yourself. Rest isn’t just sitting down, although that can be a step. It's about being intentional about breaks, vacations, days off, aromatherapy tools, sleep plus managing how you manage stress. Find time to cease work or movement in order to release, receive and revive strength by using break work, braindump and brainstorm as tools to REST.

Cadedra Burks

Rest is essential to Self Care

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