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Keep going, keep being disciplined, keep being consistent, keep believing


“You don’t hear about the strike out, you hear about the home runs”   —Denzel Washington. Do y’all know the October Self Care Lifestyle Academy had 1 and a possible show up. I felt so ashamed but I showed up and waited 30 minutes or more everyday. The crazy part is I sell out the academy every single month but 6-8 people at the most show up. I launch my teas and no one orders. I have toolkits available and barely make more than 5 sales in a year. I launched self care boxes before that barely sold, but I revamp it to a self care lifestyle tote. Baby I’m the queen of revamping. I’m consistent on my business page with content that the algorithm doesn’t pick up. I just started building my personal brand on Tik Tok (Oh.Dedraplease) that I’m actually seeing results on. I started a podcast and I upload an episode weekly, at least 1 live video, two newsletter a week full of education and tools to help black women self care. To the average person, when they don’t see results quickly they want to give up. I can say I did a few times but it was a larger part of me saying believe bigger. Keep going, keep being disciplined, keep being consistent, keep believing. I feel entitled at times, but I rewire that with empowerment, value and a necessity. The bigger the sacrifice the greater the reward. The reward is knowledge, abundance, breaking generational curses, creating generational wealth, desires of my heart, well-being, fruits of the spirit and PURPOSE etc. Purpose is rooted in patience imperfectly. Bars. Like Denzel Washington said in a famous speech ‘Fail big, Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks’. I’m willing to not give up but give to a greater cause even if it doesn’t produce what I for see in my now. I do have some results and I’m grateful for that! That’s faith. Faith in God, faith in you and faith in the journey. I’m believing that and it’s only getting bigger than I can imagine. I put in the work and the God I serve I know I will reap a harvest. PeriodT! I’ll leave you with a Denzel quotable —Without commitment you will never start and without consistency you would never finish! Tuh have resilience bae!

Cadedra Burks

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