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Represent Your Values

Check in and practice the art of you


What restore my 2023 that I’m taking into 2024 is being present with my thoughts, connecting with my body through yoga, aligning with people, places or things that soothe my soul and reading the Bible to amplify my spirit

I recognized when I represent what I value, I’m 





Your value is yoked with the process of your standards

Here are three ways to check in with your values 

  • Check in with your distractions 

  • Check in with your devotions 

  • Check in with your personal, professional and self care goals 

Oftentimes we are not yoked because our distractions are leading our devotions which in return affect our goals

Check in and practice the art of you by representing the beliefs you operate form

Your beliefs will determine how you show up for you 

It’s time to sit with you to determine how you want to show up. Reflect intuitively by listening to yourself by honoring your needs, feelings, values, triggers and self care regimen

Cadedra Burks 

Represent Your Values

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