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Relax What?

I’m trying to relax but all I can think about is how everything is not how I want it to be


Chileeeee with the seasons changing, holiday expenses & trying to take care of me whewwww. I’m trying to relax but all I can think about is how everything is not how I want it to be, but I hear God saying you still have all you need. Chileeeee I need to RELAX. I’m recognizing all the things such as Christmas gifts coming up with no income, trying to clear my skin with no income, trying to figure out my gut health with no income and still trying to gain weight. I noticed I’ve been emotional eating, trying to consume those emotions by spending money; Spending that money is making me more emotional because I don’t have income coming back in. Whewwww I’m spending hunni, ion like that but I like that. You feel me? Like God if I have some income flowing in from this risk I took I’ll feel better. I could do what I want to do and spend how I want to spend. Spending makes me happy, lol that’s my guilty pleasure. Every time I look at my credit cards, I am like girl, now why did you spend that and I start to shame myself for my guilty pleasures. I realized as I’m writing this blog that I’m in a season and this season requires discipline. I’m grateful for my savings and how blessed I'm to be living off it, but the things I want to do for others are at a standstill. Sometimes we have to be on standstill and we have to switch up what we usually do that makes us happy and others in seasons of discipline. This requires a fast. My fast will consist of social media fast, budgeting my expenses, identifying healthy emotions outlets, cooking food without hot spices to train my taste buds and applying for PT employment. I’m starting this TODAY! Identify what you need to release so you can rest and gain revival.

Cadedra Burks

Relax What?

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