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Received Your Purpose

Let take this moment to really see what’s on our heart


Receive your purpose by turning your traumas into triumphs, turning your struggles into successors, and turning your pain into purpose

Oftentimes we go searching for what society says is acceptable, but what does your heart say?

What does making room for your heart look like? Ahh ahh don’t skip over this with a distraction 

Let take this moment to really see what’s on our heart

As you scan your heart, what is your spirit saying you are called to do? What is arising as you try to focus on your heart? How can you combat what is trying to steal your focus on your heart?

Everything in your body can die, but your soul. As we step into 2024 don’t forget to check the posture of your soul.

The posture of your heart will determine how you show up on purpose. 

Purpose doesn’t always have to be a specific physical achievement, it can be emotional, physical or spiritual. Your purpose is what you want to do, who you want to be and how you choose to serve.

Lock in with you heart to connect what’s necessary for you to fulfill your soul.

Cadedra Burks 

Received Your Purpose 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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