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Rebrand Your Lifestyle

2024 is your year to stand on your self care


2023 was my year of the rebirth and it allowed me to 

  • Rebrand my business 

  • Restructured my offers 

  • Received my mission 

  • Revealed my transformation 

  • Represent my values

I was representing my business from who I used to be, now I’m restructuring my offers, misson and values in a radical transformation from who I’am now and what I’m being called to do

That process of transformation looks like 

  • Detaching from person, places and things 

  • Letting go of timelines

  • Being present 

  • Cultivating healthy experiences 

  • Recognizing how I present myself 

  • Working on the language I used to birth fruits 

  • Checking my prejudices and bias 

  • Being confident in change 

  • Honoring my vulnerability with grace 

  • Reading God’s word and being obedient to it

  • Shifting from black women only to all women 

Whew take a deep intentional breathe 

2023 has been a year full of learning, growing and empowering my Self Care Lifestyle 

When reflecting it’s good to see areas of growth but it’s also great to see the areas of go(o)d 

Rebrand your lifestyle by living in and through the journey of self-awareness, self love and self worth and value that 

  • Triggered who you were

  • Teaches who you are

  • Transformed who and what you want to be 

2024 is your year to stand on your self care. As you initiate the rebrand, make sure you include the necessities to take care of you! The necessities include your needs, feelings, core values, trauma and self care regimen

Cadedra Burks 

Rebrand Your Lifestyle

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