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My soul isn’t to be played with


After reading Oprah Winfrey's ‘What I know for sure’ book I had a lot of revelations on current patterns I was allowing and what I knew I did not want, what did not serve me and what seemed familiar that I wanted to get away from. I’m learning that my soul isn’t to be played with but everytime I will heal, I notice a pattern of putting myself in the game to be played with. Unconsciously at first I noticed I was going with the flow of potential; I’m like people need a chance to discover, grow and change which is true but it’s not my job to build what I need if that is not who they are becoming yet. ‘Yet’ was big for me because at heart I believe we are all capable of getting, being and doing what is meant for us. Then consciously after healing over heartbreak, failed situation-ships, pure attention bullshit and lust, I realized it was what it was. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be, needed it to be and what it showed up as. What I know for sure is reality is reality. It is what it is, but it will certainly become what you make it. Once I started paying attention to reality my integrity, interest and intentions started showing me the reflection of what I allow not who I’am. I had to learn when I recognize her, discover her, show up as her and embrace her. What I really wanted had to take time to come now that I discarded the waste. Like God told me it’s not about who is holding that space it’s about me giving the opportunity to make space for me.

Cadedra Burks

Really Love

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