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I’m The Prodigy

Call it what it is and don’t try to replay false beliefs


What I learned from this series is you cannot walk in freedom if you don’t understand your truth. Don’t ever trade in your treasure for a try. Don’t try to be sexual with a person that makes you depleted from your worth; it is not worth the hurt. You have to ask yourself if this relationship is worth the hurt, the setbacks, the stagnation, the process & the PROGRESS you made? Call it what it is and don’t try to replay false beliefs in your head by being struck on the pass feelings & moments. I know that was something I struggle with because I wanted validation. I had to dig deeper in who I was, what I value, my expectations & boundaries for ME, not anyone else. Call it what it is and what it is not. Confess it to someone in order to help you process it in order to heal and move forward. You have to live in your truth to be healed. You are the most expensive thing you have, so cancel out anything that reminds you of that person. Then cast it to the LORD. My ability to be sexy doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my temple as trash. My ability to abstain from sex doesn’t mean I’m not sexual. My sexuality is a part of who I AM. As long as I’m not subjecting who I AM, I believe it’s beauty in my sexual expression. I hold the power because I’m powerful. I’m the prodigy and that’s on PERIODT

Cadedra Burks 

I’m The Prodigy

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