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Power Of A Thought

It’s not your responsibility to educate, convince or lead a person into something they have no interest in.


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The power of your next thought is one step away from the greatest experience you can have. What would you do with the things/people/circumstances you currently have in order to make your life better? It all begins and ends with a thought to manifest. In order to get what you truly desire, it starts with a thought. That thought leads to a plan and that plan leads to execution. A thought comes from self and not others. Don’t try and force others to change their mind. You can’t be a steward over someone else's thoughts, allow them to think and believe what they want. It’s not your responsibility to educate, convince or lead a person into something they have no interest in. Use your God given gift to produce ideas that manifest your destiny. You aren’t limited, in fact you're limitless with God spirit within you. Don’t be afraid to branch out , because that next branch is taking you to the next level. You may not see it, but at this moment your next move is forming. In order to see clearly you have to get your head together. You have to physically , mentally , emotionally and spiritually put yourself in a clear space. If negative words have the power to bring you down, positive words have the glory of bringing you up. ‘It is what it is , but it will become what you make it ‘, and there’s a way to get above the storm in your life. You are an eagle and you will soar if you believe you can. Remember it all starts with the mind. Allow your spirit to lead you. Your spirit will speak to you and it’s your responsibility to execute that plan. Your perception has everything to do with your progression. Push out greatness and allow yourself to flourish. Don’t keep everything bottled up, don’t be afraid to ‘tell your business’, to tell your truth. It matters, you matter and help is alive. Don’t ever let anything or anyone tell you that hope dies, there is a way out and you will make it out. God has a plan for you!

John 5:30

John 16:13

Psalm 26:2

TD Jakes- Power Of a Thought


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