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Perfect Penetration

I guess he would say I was cumming but the truth of the matter I wasn’t


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Chileeeeeeeeeee did you know when I was having sex and my partner would ask me the famous question ‘Did you cum’ ? In my mind Megan the stallion ‘Freak Nasty’ song line ‘No I didn’t cum if you had to ask me’. The tea is when my partner would ask that question & I would say ‘Yeah I penetrated’. LOL but guess what I didn’t even know what I was saying for real it just sounded good. Then when I google what penetration actually was it is the act of intercourse. Meaning the penis entering the vagina for pleasure. Chileeeeee all this time what I said what right, yes I enjoyed the sex. The funniest part is neither did they or I knew what it actually meant. I guess he would say I was cumming but the truth of the matter I wasn’t. Years of my life when I started having sex I would never orgasm. There were a couple reasons why number one I wasn’t educated on it, number two I didn’t understand my body and number three they didn’t understand my body. Once I learned the same way you masturbate and have a orgasm is the same orgasm you should experience in sex. Chileee don’t judge me I didn’t know. So one day an amazing man of God Chile entered my life and he cared enough about me to actually please me. Somebody cue Cardi B and Bruno Mars ‘Please me babyyyyy’. Wow, that man of God actually paid attention and wasn’t just worried about the act of penetration. I remember the first day I had a clitoris orgasm, Chile my life would never be the same. From that day forward it was history. Not only did I realize I actually can orgasm during sex, but I have to feel safe enough with someone to do it. I have to be open and vulnerable enough to give my soul away. I’m a one guy type of person and sadly I haven’t had an orgasm since that relationship. I miss him at times, he was real. Now I’m waiting on my husband cause this is gold. The only one who is worthy of this gold is a true king. No more pretending or expecting a guy to please me, no more giving a guy who is worth gold plated a chance. I’ll wait for a true King. 

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Perfect Penetration 


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